Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kitchen Countertops to die for

One of the essential parts of your home is making sure that you have kitchen countertops which are made of a sturdy and durable material. The material with which your countertops are made is one very important consideration when buying them for your home as it is the material which will ensure that your countertops will last longer and require less maintenance. With their beautiful designs and classical finishing, it sometimes becomes very difficult to decide what countertops would look best in your kitchen. Usually, people look for countertops which are easy to clean and do not require too much caution while one is cooking, while others concentrate on the looks of the countertops and whether or not they will suit their kitchen's aesthetic or not. VIP Granite Stones provides you with all of this and more!

The Best Countertops in the Greater New York Area 

VIP Granite Stones has some of the best quartz countertops in New York and New Jersey. Their unmatched quality and unbelievably affordable prices make them one of the best sellers of exclusive marble and granite countertops in this particular region. The strength of the material that they provide is another major reason for their reliability as countertop sellers. They also provide free quotes from experts who have to provide amazing opinions which come from their years of experience. You can call for a free quote today at 201-688-3378.

What Our Kitchen Countertops Have That Others Don't 

VIP Granite Stones provides a service that will keep all customers happy and satisfied with the countertops they buy. They are dedicated to creating quality products which are at the top of their class. With so many people taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge of such material and selling people low-quality material at high prices, VIP Granite Stones guarantees a product that will make the customer happy no matter what. They offer all of their products at affordable rates and ensure to take care of their customers and educate them on what kind of material would be suitable for them.

Their experts are always available and provide the most suitable advice. VIP Granite Stones attempts to make all your kitchen dreams come true without consuming too much of your time. From Northern New Jersey to the Greater New York area, they have established quite the reputation for themselves as a reliable and valuable service. They have countertops which are designed in the most beautiful manner, and they will add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. Their countertops will make your kitchen sparkle, and you will not regret your decision one bit.
So, what are you waiting for? Call today and get your free quote as VIP Granite Stones is by far the best in the business, and they will surely bring you a product that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the market. Hence, do not hesitate and pick up the phone today!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Granite Fabrication NJ: All about Safety, Heads Up and Maintenance

A sparkling granite countertop or a beautiful Lakewood countertop with stone fabrication around it is what every person who wants to remodel or design their kitchen wishes for these days. These people look forward to having the latest gadgets and accessories installed in their kitchen. And for making their life easier, most people hire professionals who specialize in decorations and installations. On the contrary, some people take such remodeling very personally and consider it to be a very important project, which makes them feel good and satisfied when they’re done with remodeling and decorating their space. And then, there are some who just want to try and minimize the cost of getting all the work done. So, they start from scratch. They learn by reading books and blogs, which not only help them in increasing their knowledge about installations and decorations but also helps them reduce their construction cost and enlightens them to better methods of reconstruction that would, in turn, increase the overall efficiency of their kitchen setup.

Why Read This Blog Then?

It can be agreed that when learning something, mistakes are inevitable. However, to make sure one doesn’t make too many mistakes,  it is preferred to have some knowledge of the common mistakes that are made during the remodeling. Moreover, it is also necessary to maintain their condition to keep their new look for a longer period.

Appliances Storage

Being from New Jersey, one can’t help but notice a very familiar pattern among house renovations, which indicates that many people prefer granite and wood mixed cupboards over others. However, that was the style that was followed in the 1980’s and then the 1990’s. But, times have changed, and

now people prefer accessibility, which is why they prefer getting granite Lakewood countertops or granite countertop installations in New Jersey. And for spacing, most people like keeping it simple; install drawers, since they don’t take much space around the kitchen.

Kitchen niches

Many people are of the opinion that a hook is somewhat relevant. To put it into simple words, make your kitchen spacious. Make it big enough to have a little breathing space. Most of the time people install foil dispensers and mixer appliances for their convenience. The downside to this apparent harmless act is that they turn your kitchens into a battlefield, and people do not use those hooks that much anyway. The best, most appropriate thing to do is to get some drawers installed to your granite countertops. Or, better yet, get them fixed in when the granite countertops are being put into place.

Granite fabrication in NJ or Stone fabrication in NJ for backsplash

Many homeowners are now opting for backsplashes. The most demanding tile configurations so far have been in either granite fabrication in NJ or stone fabrication in NJ. These backsplashes sometimes reach all the way up to the upper cabinets. However, to get fabrication in granite or stone fabrication, it is better to call some professional granite fabricators or stone fabricators. We recommend VIP Granite since we hire strictly professional and experienced granite fabricators or stone fabricators in NJ

Microwaves on the Counter

Many people put their microwaves on the counter, not realizing that it takes up a lot of space, and which could’ve been used for a better purpose. Nor is it supposed to be in the upper cabinet of the kitchen. Many under-counter microwaves are now available as they can be stored in drawers that you can get when you’re getting the counter constructed. They relieve a lot of space and help make the kitchen look clean.

Stainless or White

Many people get into an argument over which one to pick. As hard as it is for any person to pick any of their preference, stainless is still the best choice if you are a pragmatic person. Stainless utensils fit with all sorts of utensils, Modern and old. Also, it blends in brilliantly and does not get awful shades or leaked/spilled food content. Plus, they last more than the white contents.

Maintenance of Granite countertop in NJ

Nowadays, the most prominent thing in standard kitchens is the countertops. Countertops come in handy. Hence, they are the main element that gives a good look to your kitchen. Keeping it maintained is more important than any of the other secondary elements. So here are some tips which will help you maintain your precious granite counter top or stone countertop.

·         Daily Maintenance of the Countertop:  Daily maintenance is very necessary when it comes to the countertop. After a whole day of cooking, clean it with hot water and some cleaning soda or liquid or some other anti-bacterial agent. If you accidentally drop something on the finishing, immediately blot a paper towel or any other thick cloth to absorb it and then wash it with warm water and clean it.

·         Do Not Put Hot Elements For Too Long:  Putting a hot element or object for too long may leave a mark on your granite countertop. Granite countertops do have a tendency to change their characteristics when an extremely hot element is put over them for too long. In the case of a stone
countertop, they do not change their physical form, although they do get tanned on that specific area and that would look very uncanny and may get prominent.

·         Trivets with Mats Are Important: When you are using any trivet or any other sort of object, then you have to be extra careful, or these things may scratch the surface of the countertop. Almost any hard material can make a scratch on it. Granite countertops look more beautiful, but they tend to get more scratches than stone countertops. 

·         Do not Stand On Them:  This mostly happens when people are getting something fixed or attached to the top. Most likely an upper cabinet. People let the mechanic stand up over the countertop, and it may ruin your cabinets furnishing. Shoes carry dust and dust ruins the finishing (lamination) of the countertops. So avoid standing up on them.

·         Sealing the Granite: Sealing a granite countertop can be tricky for some people. Although according to research, some granite does not require to be sealed and they do provide some protection against mishaps and other non-removable agents.